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Take your workout to the next level with Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones, featuring up to 12 hours of battery life to last through multiple workouts and secure-fit earhooks to maximise comfort and stability. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback. Sweat and water resistance provides trusted durability and dual-driver acoustics deliver dynamic sound to power your workout.

Wireless the way it should be

Powerbeats3 Wireless are ready to work when you are. They instantly set up ?a just power on and hold near your iPhone ?a and then simultaneously connect to your Watch, iPad and Mac.* With Class 1 Bluetooth technology, Powerbeats3 Wireless keep up during tough workouts.

Power meets endurance

Bring on the hours of training because Powerbeats3 Wireless are now powered for the long haul with the efficiency of the W1 chip. With up to 12 hours of battery life and an optimised design for improved comfort and immersive sound, you??re free to push through the most challenging workouts. Sweat and water resistance provides the necessary durability for strenuous workouts and weather.

Ready whenever

Fast Fuel lets you spend more time charging forward and less time recharging. A quick 5-minute charge generates enough power for a typical hour-long workout so you??ll have the confidence that music will be on your side. Use the RemoteTalk to take calls with a built-in mic, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri.

Comfortably unstoppable

An improved ergonomic design makes way for clear, dynamic sound powered by dual-driver acoustics. Powerbeats3 Wireless come with multiple eartips for a personalised and comfortable fit while flexible, secure-fit earhooks optimise stability. The result is authentic, wide-ranging sound with dynamic highs and powerful lows for an immersive listening experience.

*Requires iCloud account and macOS Sierra, iOS 10 or watchOS 3



Connect via Class 1 Bluetooth? with your device for wireless workout freedom

Up to 12 hours of battery life to power through multiple workouts

With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback when battery is low

Sweat and water resistance to handle tough training

Flexible, secure-fit earhooks maximise comfort and stability

Dynamic, high-performance sound pushes you to the next level

Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with RemoteTalk


Did You Notice?

Secure-fit earhooks adjust to provide a custom fit, while water and sweat resistance adds durability to handle the most intensive workouts.



What??s in the Box

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

Eartips with four size options

Carrying case

Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B)

Quick Start Guide

Warranty card


Tech Specs

Form Factor: In Ear, Ear Hook

Connections: Bluetooth, Wireless

Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Other Features


Remote and Mic

Inline Call and Music Controls

Inline Volume Control

Noise Isolation

Stereo Bluetooth

Charge via Micro-USB cable


Manufacturer Information

Part Number

UPC or EAN No.: 888462602655


Warranty: One-year limited

15 reviews for Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones – Trophy Gold

    Garvey Leger
    The fit works as well as the old buds. I've yet to exhaust the battery life during a use since I usually use them for my gym sessions and store them back in the case afterward, but I've had them going full-blast for at least 3+ hours without an issue. You really can't beat the price either. Thumbs up. Give them a go.
    Amazing sport ear buds
    Stays in when I run, even with my tiny ears! Very comfortable and good battery life. The charging case is nice (and very convenient). I haven't felt like they were bulky or heavy, which I have noticed with other similar earbuds. The noise cancelling is almost too good! Sound quality is as good as I would expect at this price range. I don't have a ton of issues with bluetooth connectivity, and I use these with multiple devices.
    Great product, worked exactly as expected. My son loves it
    John H
    I have been through so many different pairs of "sports" or "water-proof" earbuds that I should probably own many companies by now! Seriously though, the value here is really great. The sound quality is above average, however is missing some of the lower end sound you might get from other pricey buds; still good quality though. I wouldn't really say they have much in terms of noise cancellation, but in all fairness I wear these on road bike rides. So, it's not really fair to rate it against consistent wind noise. As far as moisture wicking goes; so far so good, but I am a little skeptical because of the package disclaimer on that. I sweat a LOT during workouts and rides, and all I can say is they are holding up well. Overall, I'd recommend them!
    Finally a comfortable wireless ear bud for the person with tiny ears!
    Chelsy L.
    These are impressive and great for the gym! They stay on even during intense workout and don’t get damaged from sweat. These are very comfortable to wear and have very good sound! These are so easy to connect to my phone and overall I am very happy with them.
    Bought these for work. Been using for 2 months now and seems like a great product. Sound is good, Fits snug on the ear, walked around my office...about 200ft from my desk to my phone and I can still hear my music through the ear buds which I was amazed. Only downside was that the product case is sturdy, but the earbuds use magnet to hook into the case. I keep the case in my backpack to carry to and from work and found that the earbuds disconnect from the case here and there. A little flimsy connection, so I placed a piece of foam in the top of the case to zipper shut, just to give it a little more tighter fit and that stopped the earbuds form disconnecting from the battery base. But overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the product.
    Blown away! Can’t get over how good they are!
    Tina L.
    Pros: -Sound quality is awesome & clear -Noise cancellation is great -Sound clarity during phone calls is great -Feel, the over the ear piece can flex to fit more comfortably around your ear -Fit is great and they don't fall out if you're running -The stay charged for a long time -Carrying case with built in charging Cons: -No designated volume up and down buttons on the right headphone. Clicking 3 times quickly enough is annoying and often doesn't work as intended, aka volume up or down. -Short charging cord
    Let me start with the biggest plus for me for these ear buds, and that's the ear loops! I have very small ear canal. There is not a single in ear bid that will stay in my ears on their own- even using the smaller cushion size, even when I bought a "female sized" version from another company. I even tried other ones with soft hooks, but they all ended up being uncomfortable and even painful over time. The way these ear hoops are designed is perfect! Theres no pressure on any part of my ear and it holds the buds perfectly in place. The sound is perfectly crisp and clear. I mostly use these for watching videos and listening to music. It all sounds great. I haven't really used it for phone calls so I cant speak to that. The charging case has been working out wonderfully for me so far! Theres a little magnet that sucks the ear buds right into place for charging and i zip it up and it's ready to go. I full charged the ear buds and case 4 days ago. I've been using them every day and they're still fully charged so I'm SUPER happy with the battery life.
    Silly Charlie
    I was looking for an earbud that had a ear hook to keep it in place because i had another set of earbuds that were just inserted in the ear and would constantly pop out when i would go for long runs. Pros: I went for a 4 mile run and the earbuds stayed in place an i never really had to adjust them even while sweating. I used the original Medium size buds that came intalled and my ear hurt after about an 30 minutes of wear time. However, i switched over to the small size earbud and was able to wear for mutliple hours without any pain. With the smaller buds i did notice that the noice cancelling affect was not as great. The controls to skip songs and adjust volume on the buds themselves are great and easy to use Cons: I get random skips when i am jogging but they are for a short while and i havent really been able to figure out the cause. The range does not appear to be that wide. i put my phone on my coffee table and walked around my house and noticed that the buds would disconnect if i was further than 20 ft from my phone.
    I'm passionate about sound quality when it comes to listening to music and these things are amazing. I was looking for some small earbuds for when I travel and came across these. I was a little skeptical at first being they were an off-brand and at the price point, but let me tell you I'm pretty impressed. Out of the box they worked immediately. The carrying case seconds as a charger (another great feature) and it was already charged to 90%. Pulled the earbuds out of the case and sure enough they popped up immediately under devices on my iPhone. They connected right away.
    Ronald Livigni
    Really Impressed with These True Wireless Earbuds!
    Joseph R.
    I love the bass quality of these. The treble could be a little bit louder on these but they are pretty cool and pretty decent for the cost. They are worth the purchase for sure. Amazing customer service as well. Thank you for all of your help. Mic works great too. Very comfortable as well. Pretty cool case as well.
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