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Stay connected with the Studio 3 headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre. They??re Bluetooth-compatible, with premium audio and finely tune acoustics. Pure ANC noise-cancelling technology and plushly padded cups take the sound to the next level.

  • Includes Beats Studio3 wireless headphones; carrying case; 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable; universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B); quick-start guide; warranty card
  • Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with smart phones and tablets
  • Lithium-ion battery lasts up to 22 hours per charge, with a low-power mode that can provide up to 30 hours; FastFuel 10-minute charge gives you up to three hours?? play time when battery is low
  • Apple W1 chip for Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth? connectivity and battery efficiency
  • Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) blocks external noise
  • Real-time audio calibration for premium sound
  • Multi-function controls on ear for volume, calls and Siri
  • Soft ear cushions for added noise reduction
  • Dimensions: 7.3?? x 9.6?? x 4.5??
  • Manufacturer??s 1-year limited warranty
  • WARNING: Do not use any power adapter, charger or cords other than those included with your product. Using incompatible, counterfeit or non-certified accessories can cause fire or accidents. Contact the manufacturer for replacements.
  • Plastic/metal
  • Imported

16 reviews for Studio3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless – Black inside red

    Great choice for the average listener
    Gabe Roy
    Don’t doubt.. buy it! You won’t regret it!
    I use these headphones whenever I go. This was my first pair of Beats Studio³ headphones and simply bought them for its looks. However, I was so pleased with the noise canceling and the sound quality that I bought the white/gold trim model AND the grey/gold trim model as well. I was expecting the bass to be overwhelming, but it’s actually the perfect amount...and the highs and mids are wonderful as well. I would highly recommend getting the Studio³ model over the Solo³ model because they’re “over ear” headphones versus the “on ear” Solo³ version. I also like that I could rename each one I have so that it’s not confusing when they’re all listed on my devices. I thought I would continue using my Powerbeats³ at the gym...however, I usually only use one of my three Studio³ headphones now. The Bluetooth really is as seamless as previous reviews have stated and a full charge on the Studio³s are great...they usually last me 2-3 days before having to recharge, and like I’ve explained, I use them pretty often.
    Hace 4 años había comprado unos iguales en diferente color,y por la parte del diseño, calidad de sonido y materiales no hay ninguna queja, siguen siendo de lo mejor que he probado. Los de este año tienen como diferencia una baja de calidad en el estuche que los contienen, es más blando, y ya no traen el adaptador de la toma de corriente, solo vienen con el cable USB - Mini USB; independientemente de eso, les sigo dando 5 estrellas. Portátiles en cierto modo, duraderos, los cojines se llegan a desgastar al cabo de unos 3 años, pero puedes comprar muy buenos repuestos a buen precio. La integración con iPhone es excelente, y la batería con buena duración (más de 4 hrs.); duraderos...
    This is my second pair of Beats. I originally had the Solo 2 but gave them to my niece because she loved them. Bought myself this model, Solo 3 Studio, which is over the ear, as opposed to on the ear. I gotta tell you, for me, the difference is night and day. I first bought an on the ear but after an hour of having them on, I found they were starting to bother my one ear. Then I saw the over the ear model on here on sale for $199 and decided to give them a try - it said they were noise cancelling, which the other model didn't have, but I really could have cared less, or so I thought. When they arrived and I put them on, I couldn't believe the difference. They really do stop all the other noise from coming in, and more importantly, so much more comfortable! I highly recommend this product.
    I was interested in these headphones for use on a trip with my family. I wanted something with noise cancellation that I could wirelessly pair with my phone (iPhone XS). Shipping was fast and the box arrived in great shape. I opened the box and found them to have their own carrying case, which they fold up nicely into. These also came with a charging cord and a aux cord to plug into whatever you want to listen to. Pairing them was as easy as turning them on and holding them near my phone. The phone recognized them almost instantly and I was ready to go. I’ve used these for about a couple weeks now have yet to have an issue with them going dead. I usually charge them at night and make sure they don’t ever go completely dead. The sound is awesome and I don’t believe I have ever owned a pair of headphones capable of producing this kind of sound. The one thing that I expected to be better was the noise cancelling abilities. Although it does help with some sound, it is not exactly noise canceling. With that said, it doesn’t take away from the fact that these are a great product. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone that is looking for a great pair of headphones that hold a charge well.
    If you're looking for headphones focused on sound quality, that can handle the bass on any song without distortion, and lead the style game, Dre Beats Studio 3 headphones are for you. I broke my last pair of black & gold DB Studios in a freak accident. I believed the reviewers hype and bought some Sony WH-1000s. The Sony headphones couldn't handle any bass, paused every time I touched them, wasn't the most comfortable. The frequency would go from low to high no apparent reason. They had too much technology for my need. Most of these new top headphones packed with tons of features are designed for leisure use, travel, and phone call purposes. But if you want to lose yourself in music at the gym they can't deliver the listening (studio) experience needed. I spent most of my time fumbling with the headphones than working out. Refunded the Sonys and re-upped on these DB Studios 3s. They go hard on my Android phone even though they are designed for Apple. Plus they are head turners and comfortable. Noise cancelling and phone calls are great. I didn't notice a huge difference from the Sonys. If your #1 want in headphones are sound quality, sound power, nouse cancelling, and comfort pick these joints.
    I'm what you call an older fellow, and I own a business. Two of my 23-year-old female employees did an exemplary work at their jobs in January, so I purchased these as a "thank you" bonus. We took a flight somewhere and back a couple weeks later, and they both clung to their Beats headphones like new teddy bears. Excellent product
    Nahgaem Joyce
    Will update more once I use them a few times. I recieved my beats. The left ear pad is deformed from being folded in the packaging but my hopes are it will eventually pop back out once I leave it unfolded for a bit. The sounds goes very loud and you can feel the ear pads move from the bass. It came as expected with a carrying case and all cords required. Overall they are pretty awesome. My only drawback (besides the deformed ear) would be their weight and how tight they are on my head. I have a small head and they are tight. My husband couldn't wear them. I did not expect them to be so heavy. Most people it wouldn't affect but I have chronic arthritis and fibromyalgia so my neck is always hurting so I do feel weight more than most. Won't stop me from enjoying them. Just means I can't wear them as long as I probably would have liked. They are beautiful and crisp and the bit of gold with the white makes for a gorgeous pair of headphones!
    I was nervous at first about the authenticity of the product due to the discounted price. After authentication on the Beats website. I connected with my phone with ease the sound quality is amazing for the price. I love a good base in my music these air phones give a good complete sound. What’s Reggae music without the base? The noise canceling works great at the gym
    Jennifer Smith
    I was really hopeful that these headphones wouldn’t hurt my ears, as I am unable to wear ear phones in my earn or on top of them. So this pair goes over my entire ear and doesn’t bother me. Noise cancelling is great and the sound. Worth the money. The real deal
    Tricia Reynolds
    I am amazed at what these headsets can do. Listening to music through this headset is other-worldly. The music isn't simply pounding into your ears, it's floating somewhere behind the ears; it's like being in a private concert. The noise cancelling feature out performs all the others we tried, which was our primary reason for wanting headsets. We tried several other less expensive brands, and my husband settled on one of those for the ANC, until he listened through my set of Beats. I needed a smaller sized headset and everyone I tried slid off my head. The Beats actually stay on; that's why I chose them, because of the tighter fit. After comparing the ANC feature, my husband also exchanged his cheaper set for these. You couldn't pry these away from me, I am that impressed. They do cost way more, but that's also what you get. If you can afford quality, I highly recommend these.
    Do your research before believing all the reviewers
    My husband purchased these headphones and loves them. They aren’t good for taking phone calls, I can barely here him when he talks through them. Took us an extra couple days to get them bc our USPS man placed the parcel locker key in the wrong box and tried to say someone broke into the boxes when we were trying to figure out what the heck happened to the item. Good thing my neighbors are saints and brought it over to us when they got around to checking their mail.
    These are the best headphones I’ve ever had! I travel 99% of the time for work and am on planes twice a week. I am exhausted and don’t want to talk to people. These are perfect for when you’re antisocial on the plane and airport. They’re a beautiful color too and the battery life is awesome at 22 hours. Also, the noise canceling is amazing. Definitely worth the money!
    Cómodos y diseño excepcional
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